Service Plans
The Suzuki Service Payment Plan is put together with you and your driving needs in mind. It’s an easy and smart way to handle the cost of servicing.
Whether you have just purchased your Suzuki or owned it for some time, the Suzuki Service Payment Plan will fix the prices of parts and labour for up to three years safeguarding you against inflationary increases whilst guaranteeing your car is serviced by Suzuki-trained Technicians, who know your car inside and out. They of course will be using the latest tools and equipment and will be fitting Suzuki Genuine Parts therefore ensuring that your Suzuki stays 100% Suzuki.

You can spread your payments via monthly Direct Debits giving you the peace of mind of knowing all your scheduled servicing costs are taken care of during your plan’s period.

You can be safe in the knowledge that you pay the right amount for your scheduled servicing as the Payment Plan is based on your individual car and anticipated annual mileage.
Suzuki Service Payment Plan Frequently Asked Questions
1. What benefits can I expect to receive from my Suzuki Service Payment Plan?
Peace of mind knowing that your servicing costs have been budgeted for
Peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is being serviced by Suzuki-trained Technicians
Peace of mind knowing your vehicle is being fitted with Suzuki Genuine Parts
Paying for tomorrow's service at today's prices

2. How do I pay?
You can pay for your Suzuki Service Payment Plan in monthly Direct Debit payments making it easy to budget for your future services

3. Is my vehicle eligible for a Suzuki Service Payment Plan?
A Suzuki Service Payment Plan is available for most Suzuki models up to six years of age.

4. Are any Suzuki vehicles excluded from the Suzuki Service Payment Plan?
Unfortunately, there is no product available for a few older Suzuki models - the on-line quotation web site will provide guidance as to which models this is relevant to. We hope to ensure all models will have a suitable Payment Plan available to them in the very near future.

5. How long is the Suzuki Service Payment Plan?
There's a choice of one, two or three services included. The quickest way to look at the options available is to use our quotation pages.

6. What's included?
All items associated with the cost of a Suzuki scheduled service including the cost of materials, cost of labour and VAT. There is a detailed breakdown of what included within the quote. Plus, only Suzuki-trained Technicians will work on your vehicle and will only use Suzuki approved lubricants and parts.

7. What's not included?
Anything not included within the official Suzuki scheduled servicing for your vehicle, for example, any extra maintenance work or adjustments.

8. I bought my Suzuki some time ago; can I still buy a Suzuki Service Payment Plan?
There is no reason (apart from the standard exclusions) why you cannot take out a Suzuki Service Payment Plan. It is designed for new and used vehicles both at time of their purchase and during the ownership period.

9. If a vehicle is covered by a Suzuki Service Payment Plan, where do I have to have my vehicle serviced?
The vehicle will be required to be serviced at participating Suzuki Service Centres.

10. What happens if my estimated annual mileage increases over the figure I provided at Plan purchase?
This may mean that your next scheduled service is due sooner than originally anticipated and may mean your Suzuki Service Payment Plan does not contain sufficient funds. If this does happen you'll be able to make a "top-up" payment direct to the Suzuki Service Centre at the point of service.

11. How do I arrange for my vehicle to be serviced and use my Suzuki Service Payment Plan?
Just book it directly with your preferred Suzuki Dealer, remembering to let them know you have a Suzuki Service Payment Plan. When you're at the Dealership, please provide a copy of your confirmation of cover letter or email. They will undertake the scheduled service and claim the payment directly from us.

12. What happens if I miss a Direct Debit payment?
Our administrators EMaC shall make contact with you to identify why it has been missed and help you with the steps required to set this back up, this may result if you paying a slightly higher monthly instalment as you are paying over a shorter period of time but the total plan cost shall not change.

13. Can I change the monthly Direct Debit payment date?
Yes, simply contact our administrators EMaC who will update the Direct Debit collection date on your behalf.

14. Can I cancel my Suzuki Service Payment Plan?
Yes, you can do this at any time by contacting our administrators EMaC. You'll receive a refund excluding any services that you have claimed for and any applicable management fees. Refunds will be paid into the account originally used to pay for the Plan.

15. What happens if I sell my vehicle?
Your can either cancel the plan and receive a refund (as per above), or if you have purchased a new Suzuki you can transfer the balance from your current policy to your new policy. Please contact the administrators EMaC who will be able to complete this for you.

16. How can I contact you?
Feel free to contact the administrator EMaC in any of these ways:

Telephone 0330 099 6826