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2017 Suzuki Celerio SZ2

2017 Suzuki Celerio SZ2
2017 Suzuki Celerio SZ2

It used to be the case that if you needed a car but you were on a pretty tight budget, the only way to go would be to choose a used car. However, a number of manufacturers now offer brand new models that are so affordable they really do offer a credible alternative to buying a used vehicle. A brand new model has a number of big advantages over a used car, not least the peace of mind of a full manufacturer warranty and the knowledge you're not buying someone else's problems. One of the most affordable ways of buying and running a brand new subcompact car in the UK at the moment is the 2017 Suzuki Celerio SZ2, so let's take a closer look.


How a car at the most affordable end of the pricing spectrum looked didn’t used to be a major priority for manufacturers, but increasing competition in this part of the market means that's not acceptable anymore. The Celerio is now following the rest of the 2017 Suzuki lineup by looking like a lot more car than you might expect for so little money. The Suzuki's conjoined grille and headlights, and the deeper-sculpted styling features that sometimes run across several panels, all come together to make the Celerio a pretty attractive little car, even though it's not going to end up as a poster on the bedroom walls of too many children anytime soon.


The view out of the Celerio for the driver is quite good thanks to some relatively slim windscreen pillars, and the side windows are also big enough to ensure there are no visibility issues when pulling out at a junction. Everything inside the car is well put together, and the trim and materials are practical and durable. There's plenty of room in the front for the driver and passenger, and there are some useful cubbies and cup holders dotted throughout the cabin. There is room in the back for three people, although in this SZ2 model it has to be noted that there are only two seatbelts. But if you view it as a four-seater, it's actually pretty roomy back there.

Engine and driving

The engine in the Suzuki Celerio is a predictably small 1.0-liter three-cylinder that develops and equally modest 67 bhp, but that's totally in line with much of the competition, and it's perfectly acceptable for a car of such diminutive proportions and light weight. The acceleration isn't going to win too many drag races, but the Celerio certainly doesn’t feel out of its depth mixing it with the rest of the traffic on fast-moving A-roads and motorways. Of course, that's not the intended home environment for the little Suzuki, so it's around town and in the city where the Suzuki is most at home.

Features and equipment

It would be reasonable to assume a starting price of just £7,499 would mean very little in the way of standard features and equipment in the Suzuki Celerio, but that's not exactly the way it is, even in the entry level SZ2. Standard equipment includes a DAB radio and CD tuner, electric front windows, power steering, body-coloured exterior door handles, ABS brakes with EBD and Brake Assist Function, tyre pressure monitoring, central locking and an Electronic Stability Program.

The 2017 Suzuki Celerio SZ2 is available right now from Sportif Suzuki, so get in touch with us today for more details and to arrange a test drive in this fantastic value for money little car.


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