The 2017 Suzuki Baleno SZ3 – an Efficient and Fun Five-Door Hatchback

When you want more car for less money, you look to Suzuki. It’s exactly what you can expect for the 2017 Suzuki Baleno SZ3, the subcompact car that redefines the five-door hatchback. Between its incredible fuel efficiency, fluid styling, and excellent value, the 2017 Suzuki Baleno SZ3 is the everyday car you’ll want to drive every day. It’s available now at your local dealer, Sportif Suzuki.

An Expressive Five-Door Hatchback

Subcompact cars aren’t always known for their good looks. The Suzuki Baleno SZ3 is different, though, and it’s not afraid to show it. The 2017 Suzuki Baleno SZ3 has sedan-like proportions with fun body lines. From the front, the headlamps and grille are accentuated with bright chrome touches, and the body-colour bumpers are perfectly sculpted for aerodynamics.

That fluid flow continues throughout the car. High window beltlines give a sporty appearance, and the lines drift upward toward the rear. That’s where it meets the hatchback, and the sedan looks end suddenly. A hatchback finishes the tail end of the Suzuki Baleno SZ3. It opens wide, revealing 320 litres of cargo space behind the rear seat.

Comfort and Features You Demand

Inside the 2017 Suzuki Baleno SZ3, the tidy interior is finished handsomely. Fabric seat upholstery wraps supportive cushioning and you’re wooed by a CD player with DAB radio as standard equipment, and Bluetooth connectivity with steering wheel controls is integrated. In the instrument cluster display, fuel consumption and range are displayed for an in-touch driving experience. The gear shift indicator and outside temperature are also shown here, letting you know all the important details you require.

Safety is a primary concern, and Suzuki takes it to heart. Every 2017 Suzuki Baleno SZ3 is equipped with six standard airbags and force-limiting front seat belts with pretensioners, designed to keep you safe in an unfortunate collision. For added protection, RADAR Brake Support is available as an option.

The Efficiency You Admire

One thing a subcompact car must be known for is its fuel efficiency. The 2017 Suzuki Baleno SZ3 doesn’t disappoint in this category with either of its available engines.

A 1.2-litre Dualjet four-cylinder engine is standard equipment for the Suzuki Baleno SZ3. It’s the same engine that helped the Baleno SZ3 get the nod for World Car of the Year. With two fuel injectors per cylinder, the Dualjet engine is incredibly fuel efficient while remaining powerful. Rated at 111PS, the 2017 Suzuki Baleno SZ3 has all the power you need for travel in the city or on the highway. Yet, its CO2 emissions are low at just 98g/km.

For 2017, a second engine is available. A three-cylinder 1.0-litre Boosterjet engine is optional with even better fuel efficiency while remaining environmentally conscious at just 103g/km of CO2 emissions.

The Suzuki Baleno SZ3 is fun to drive, employing a five-speed manual transmission. All Baleno SZ3 subcompact car models are front-wheel drive, and are constructed of rigid yet lightweight materials. Its performance feels so impressive because it’s the lightest car in its segment!

Find out more about the lightest subcompact car in the segment and World Car of the Year nominee, the 2017 Suzuki Baleno SZ3. It’s available now at your local dealer, Sportif Suzuki in Oxfordshire.
2017 Suzuki Baleno SZ3 in Fire Red

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